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Maintaining Private Pool

Private Swimming Pool

I am a pool lover and own a private pool as well. It is fun to lie in the clear blue water. However pool requires routine care to keep it clean and healthy. It is not so cumbersome to keep it clean. You just need to follow certain tricks.

  • Skim surface daily – Do skim the surface water daily. Debris which may be dried leaves or simply dust will take the beauty away from your lovely pool. Skimming daily using nets can help keep the surface clean and you will require to use lesser chlorine. The floating debris once sunk can be really hard to remove.
  • Vacuum once a week – Use pool vacuum once a week to keep the water clear and lessen the use of chemicals. Check the filter every time for better results.
  • Brush the walls weekly – Walls of the pool also need at least weekly cleaning to keep it sparkling. Do not ignore the walls as this is where dust will gather the most, and if kept unchecked fungus or algae will grow which is hard to remove.
  • Clean pool filter every two weeks – The pool filter requires maintenance every two weeks. depending on the type of filter in your pool follow the cleaning procedure.
  • Maintain proper level of water – A pool requires water to keep it alive and too less or too much water can damage the structure. Make sure the water level is optimum. Checking regularly will help.
  • Do pH test of water – The water in the pool should be having a pH of between 7.2 to 7.8. Anything less or more is not healthy.

Just follow these simple tricks and your pool will be clean and a fun place to while away your free time.


Dive into the deepest swimming pool

People all around the world are trying to build the world’s most unique swimming pools- and I think I will never stop being grateful of that fact. One of the most daring and stunning swimming pools in the entire world is the one in¬†Hotel Terme Millepini in Montegrotto Terme, in Italy. The pool, named Deep Joy, is the deepest swimming pool on earth, at 130 ft depth. Before the Deep Joy was completed in 2014, Nemo 33 in Belgium, Brussels, was the deepest pool, at 113 ft.

Deepest Diving Pool

Of course, the Deep Joy is not for the faint hearted, or for people just looking to lounge around on their water noodles. The pool has three different platforms built within, so that people can dive or swim in the depth of their choice. There is a tunnel with a viewing platform on the side of the first platform as well- for the unlucky people who cannot swim or just want to experience the depth of the pool without having to swim.

Deep Joy swimming pool

As if the sheer depth of the pool was not attraction enough, the architect, Emanuele Boaretto has acutally installed a number of attractions within the pool-including caves. If you have always been interested in diving, but do not want to do so in an uncontrolled environment, this pool is the best option for you!