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Berlin alternatives..

This summer, thanks to a loan I was able to secure through Ferratum.com.au, I took a trip around Europe. Given the warm weather I made it my mission to search out the craziest or most interesting swimming spots I could find.

Badeschiff Berlin an unusual swimming pool

Top on my list was the Badeschiff in Berlin – this upturned hull from one of the river barges you see running along German rivers, has been cleaned out and filled with the most aqua blue water to contrast with the River Spree that it now floats in. Badeschiff literally translates as bathing ship, and this is what you get to do on a hot summers day in the middle of Berlin. Around the pool are levels of decking with deck chairs provided to laze about, and this being hipster Berlin there is of course a bar, DJ and massage services. The feeling of doing laps up and down a pool that sits inside a river is hard to explain, slightly weird but very relaxing as you see the crowds of tourist boats pass you by gawking!

Another credible mention, more for the view than the pool, is the Hotel Cipriani, Venice. Situated awa from the crowds of Venice on its own little island, this is the perfect place to relax at the end of a long day, lazing in the water staring back across the lagoon at the Doges Palace, perfect bliss.

I’ll share some more of my experiences over the next few blogs, including my trip to Iceland!