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Swimming pools on roof top

Roof top swimming pool

Urban areas are getting crowded and space comes at premium. If you are planning to shift to a big city like London, Paris or New York open spaces are either too expensive or not present at all. This has led to the architects planning pools for swimming exercise on roof tops. This is a challenge for architects.

Water is a natural corrosive and also has weight which has to be considered while installing swimming pool on roof tops. Otherwise it could end up in a disaster. State of the art technology is used to make the shell of the pool. This is the most important structure as a pool on roof top requires a strong base as well.

The engineering come to fore in giving more depth with less water volume. Weight is a concern at the top. The advantage of a roof top swimming pool is that the cleaning is less-frequent, and purification is easy. Gravity saves a lot of effort here. Just an outlet pipe is used to drain the water periodically.

The pool is best made in a single shell, so that failure due to leakage is minimized. The installation does cost but is worth it. You would want a pool even when you do not have the luxury of backyard space. I would want to experiment with this new technology in my flat at London. It is worth the cost I think.


Marina Bay Sands Pool

What kind of pool is your dream pool? One with waterfalls, a stunning infinity pool, or one with an amazing beach view? If there’s any pool I dream about visiting someday it’s the Marina Bay Sands Hotel pool. The Marina Bay Sands Hotel is located in Singapore, which is pretty well accessible from Australia. The amazing infinity pool is located 57 floors high overlooking the stunning metropolitan city of Singapore. Who loves infinity pools? I know I do. This one looks like it ends though, I can only imagine the feeling one gets when looking over that edge all the way down. Looking down 191 meters at that. One guy was even crazy enough to base jump off the deck.

Marina-Bay-Sands-бассейнThis pool is so exclusive only hotel guests are able to access it. It is the world’s longest elevated pool. Besides this spectacular pool there are rooftop restaurants, bars and nightclubs. What more could someone want? The pool is part of the Sands Skypark which is the observation deck on the top of the hotel. Whereas non-guests can’t access the infinity pool, anyone is allowed to go to the Sands Skypark to the restaurants, clubs, and shop, but for a price.

Marina-bay-sands_306318kAfter doing my research on this pool and hotel resort overall I feel like if were to visit Singapore I might not even need to leave my hotel! I mean what could be better than a pool above the world! Will I be traveling to Singapore soon? Probably not, but if I do I know I will save up so I can splurge and stay in this hotel to experience this one of a kind pool!

Hanging Gardens’ Stunning Pools

The Ubud Hanging Garden in Bali, Indonesia, is one of the most beautiful hotels in the world as well. It is home to one of the most beautiful pools in the entire world. It is, in fact, . The villas and the rooms provide the guest with wonderful views of the nearby paddy fields and green mountains. Select villas and rooms even provide people with a view of a traditional temple on the mountain opposite the hotel.

Bali Hanging Garden Swimming Pool

The swimming pool is a multi-level swimming pool that has a free form design that blends with the curves and ridges of the surrounding paddy fields. The infinity pool is lined with solidified volcanic ash. The infinity pool stretches to different levels, and some of the villas have their own private section of the infinity pool. The pool even has a waterfall, with a bench at the bottom level. This will help pool goers can enjoy the waterfall by sitting at the bench at the bottom.

The pool has breathtaking view of the surrounding areas. The infinity pool gives swimmers a feeling of floating over the mountains and the paddy fields. It is not the cheapest option in Bali, but it is certainly one of the most romantic spots in the world.

On top of the world..

I saw an article recently about the swimming pool at the Shard in London, and how their infinity pool is the highest in Europe. Around the world there is real competition now for hotels to place there pools in stunning positions, allowing them to save valuable ground space – where once it was enough to have a pool in a sunny peaceful position, the wonders of modern architecture and construction allow designers to push the boundaries in pool placement.

swimming amongst the clouds at the Shard

This is especially useful in for indoor pools in cooler climates such as England, but has also given us jaw-dropping sights like the ones listed in this article., many to be found not to far from Australia in Asia, with cities desperate to make every square inch count.The pool top of my ‘must try’ list for years now is not surprisingly on the top of many lists, the infinity pool at the Marina Bay Sands in Singapore may be dwarfed by the Shard, sitting at ‘only’ 57 stories above ground, but that can easily be forgiven when you look at the sheer size of the thing, 150 metres long and straddling three hotel towers this pool looks spectacular in every sense, definitely not for the faint-hearted though!

Marina Bay Sands pool, not for the faint hearted!