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Luxurious and Crazy- Hanging Swimming Pools

If you are a fan of swimming, and you live in London, you might want to move to Nine Elms, where developers are building high rise apartment buildings, with a twist. Ballymore Group, the developers of the apartment buildings have come up with an innovative new design- a swimming pool that is made entirely of glass, and hangs between the two towers, on the 10th floor.

London Hanging Pool

According to Ballymore Group, this swimming pool is the first of it’s kind- nobody else has dared to build a hanging swimming pool before. The pool will hang, freely, connecting the two apartment buildings. On either side of the pool, there will be a promenade and a walkway (for those who do not wish to swim to the other side!). This promenade will also house a spa and a café.

London Sky Pool

The swimming pool is certainly an engineering marvel- it’s 25 meters long and is made of 20cm thick glass. The craziest part is that the entire thing is structure free- which means that the entire swimming pool will be made of glass alone. A swimmer can just dive right down to the bottom, and get a view of the people and cars on the road below. One thing is clear- this is not a pool for the weak hearted.

So, what do you think, swimming pool fans? Want to live here, so you can also enjoy the hanging pool? You are in luck, because some of the houses are still on sale– for £600,000. It’s probably just simpler to look at pictures of the house on the internet.