Wylie’s baths

Wylies baths, best pool in Sydney

One of my favourite pools in Sydney, if not the world, has to be Wylie’s baths in Coogee. Created in 1907, Wylie’s is a perfect example of the hugely popular seaside pools that were created along Australia’s coastline at the turn of the century. The daughter of the creator, Wilhelmina Wylie, was one of Australia’s first female Olympic swimmers – and with this pool to practise in I can understand why!

Wylie’s suffered a decline in the middle half of the century but, thanks major redevelopment by a forward thinking local council, was rebuilt in the 90’s to be the grand dame of swimming pools. Blessed with an unspoilt view out to the Pacific Ocean and surrounded by rocks for privacy and protection from wind, this is a lovely pool to either join the regulars in some serious lap time, or just have a leisurely dip. The addition of a wooden decked area above the pool with kiosk means you can spend some serious relaxation time here, and if you truly want to be relaxed even indulge in a rare treat, massage by the pool! She may look like an elegant old girl with her wooden outline, but Wylie’s takes a very modern view to providing excellent facilities. I never miss an opportunity to spend an afternoon down here




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