My first love

modern fibreglass pools are designer friendly

One of the lures for my family moving to Australia when I was a kid, was that my father promised we would have our own swimming pool. Up to that point my own experiences of swimming pools had been the over chlorinated, over crowded and rather smelly pool at our local leisure centre, where we went every week for our swimming lessons.

To have our own pool, out in the open sun, now that was worth moving half the world away for! The only problem was, the house my parents picked when we arrived had no such pool, Dad was convinced it would be easy to install one in the backyard – oh the naive Englishman. Due to costs, size constraints and peculiarities with the foundations, he chose an above ground fibreglass pool, really we didn’t care we would allow him anything as long as we got said promised pool! What started as a reasonably simple construction turned into a nightmare that threatened to ruin our dream, constant planning problems, huge rocks turning up that shouldnt have been there – our backyard was a construction zone for a long time. But, eventually it was finished – and what a joy it was, it didn’t matter that it had no surrounding or landscaping, no elegance, we knew we were just the luckiest kids in a truly lucky country.

These days fibreglass pools have come along way, and don’t have to be the poor second cousin to an in ground with the right landscaping. This is a great article to get you going if you’re thinking of your own pool.


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